Pastor Rajendra’s Story

19-year-old engineering student Rajendra Yellamelli came to faith in Christ at age 15 through his mother who became a believer by a housekeeper working for her. He watched as she shared with their Hindu neighbors what Jesus did for her and many came to a relationship with Christ. She told her boys they could not have their meals unless they memorized scripture. During this time she became terminal with cancer and was not expected to live more than a week. The boys and their father, a new believer, prayed continuously all night and she was miraculously healed to live 22 more years. This powerful testimony of God’s love motivated this family forward in ministry. Not yet 20, Rajendra changed his secular studies and intensified preaching the gospel to the people in slums of Vijayawada. The brothers parents sold their home and gave up a comfortable lifestyle to provide funds to help establish the first mission centre in Vijayawada.

Today Rajendra, his brother Ravi, their wives Suneetha and Prathibha and family have successfully built facilities for worship, training, and an orphanage to take the Good News to thousands in seven established regional churches and now to the millions via television in the native Telagu dialect.

Rajendra’s vision is great, the work enormous, and the outcome life changing for so many finding new life in Christ and new purpose in living.